AJA Sertifikasi recommends DSSC for

issuance of ISO 9001:2015 Certificate




After two days filled with tension and anticipation, collective sighs of relief and gratified expressions flooded the Davao del Sur State College (DSSC) Board Room on April 26, 2023, as the auditors from AJA Serifikasi Indonesia led by Lilibeth E. Rivera, MBA, announced the college's International Organization for Standardization (ISO) auditing found to have no major nonconformity and is recommended for registration and issuance of ISO 9001:2015 Stage 2 Certificate.


The day started with the continuation of auditing for every office and process owner, where the auditors checked the chosen department/office’s process, people, practices, and Quality Management System.


Minutes of the first day of auditing have been discussed, where they deliberated on the finding of the Stage 1 audit that have been mended and improved by the college as of Stage 2 auditing.


Auditors Rivera, and Estrella S. Buenaventura took turns in delivering their findings for Stage 2 which included external issues such as the condition of the newly built modular classrooms and the limited number of qualified professionals hired for program compliance in the college.


They also reviewed the risks found within the college’s processes, such as delays in admission, student complaints and dissatisfaction, and issues in the submission of MPOR and SMPOR, and identified opportunities for the college to take, such as maximizing the use of blended instruction, maximizing faculty potential, and letting the employees join invitational training.


It was followed by the review of outputs, the recommendation for QMS, follow-up activities for Management Review, and the auditor’s declaration of the findings to be successful and close.


“Your hospitality reflects the management,” Rivera stated as they concluded the review, recalling how every department and office visited had been very polite and compliant throughout the whole auditing process.


Dr. Augie E. Fuentes, DSSC President, also expressed her gratitude, stating, “The two-day process has been a roller coaster. Thank you very much for your expertise and input, you really have given us more knowledge and understanding, to help us improve and make DSSC fly higher."


Tension built up as the auditors requested a few moments of privacy which led to an hour-long wait for the college as they deliberated the whole audit findings and processes.


The first to be presented where the positives were the top management was found to show leadership commitment for the established QMS, auditees were knowledgeable of the process and presented evidence, DSSC Chronicles, a School Student Publication, was marked 'commendable' for producing significant issues in their published newsletter. The continuous improvement of the college’s facilities was also marked noteworthy, and the upgraded and fully equipped database of the library as exemplary.


It was followed by the presentation of nonconformity, such as the risks identified in the BS Agriculture Major in Animal Science in relation to failure to check the alignment of the assessment method to the learning outcome due to late submission, and the issues in Infrastructure such as the lack of presented documented information evidence by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The auditors then gave the college an allotted time of 30 days to submit the corrective action report.


The most anticipated moment was the presentation of the major nonconformity, which was found to be NONE, eliciting cheers from the agitated crowd of process owners and office heads.


DSSC had successfully grasped the recommendation for registration and issuance of ISO 9001:2015 Stage 2 Certificate.(Cyril Abuloc/DSSC PRIO)