DSSC attends PQA Integrated Capability Training 2023




Fostering the desire to practice continuous improvement and quality for the Institution, Davao del Sur State College attended the 3-day Philippine Quality Award (PQA) Integrated Capability Training held from October 23-27, 2023, at the University of Mindanao, Matina Campus, Davao City bannering “Mindanao Momentum: Elevating Productivity and Quality”.


The five-day workshop centered around key objectives, such as instilling an appreciation for the PQA Program, equipping participants with the skills to be effective PQA Assessors, fostering opportunities for growth, and driving businesses and organizations towards excellence through the PQA framework. The training provided a deep dive into the PQA assessment method, encompassing eligibility determination, application report submission, independent review, consensus review, site visit review, and judge's final review.


The training provided the participants with profound understanding of the PQA framework and its role in promoting organizational excellence. The workshop showcased success stories of organizations achieving PQA levels 1-4, notably the University of Mindanao securing the highest level, revealing effective strategies for success. Through workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions on PQA assessment methods and categories 1-6, participants gained enriched knowledge and skills in areas such as senior leadership, strategy, customer engagement, measurement, analysis, knowledge management, workforce, and operation. Practical experiences in independent and consensus reviews, coupled with assignments, deepened their understanding. The challenging yet rewarding final day involved consensus reviews for categories 4-6, a readiness examination, and a closing ceremony that underscored the workshop's contribution to equipping participants with the skills to foster organizational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement in the region.


DSSC was represented by Dr. Siverlyn M. Camposano, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Cherry Ann P. Roxas, Director for Instruction, and Ms. Roayda S. Hasim, Quality Assurance Head.