Congratulations to the Participants of the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) Hybrid Mobility By Disciplines 2024




Group 3 - Earthly EssentiAls, by:

Vhon Henzriel Zamora, BPA

Richard Andrei Camerino, BS Envi. Sci

Group 4 - Agronomy Better Solution, Better Farm, by:

Kent Chester Jaum, BS Envi. Sci

Kaye Antoinette Panaligan, BSIT

Group 5 - Unity Learning, by:

Fevelyn Ecot, a BSAB

Shallah Nabangue, BSIT

Group 6 - Kapwa, by:

Angeline P. Hinales, BS Envi. Sci

Kim Bryan Janda, BSIT


Group 9 - WE CARE, by:

Princess Deborah Nacua, BSIT

Derie Queen Azutillo, BSDC


Group 10 - ASEAN Harvest by:

Eldie Mheyr Magadan, BSIT

Krizia Mae ,BSED-English

Group 12 - BUSTECHNATION, by:

RJ Amaro, BSIT

Group 13-InnovAsiA, by:

Jino R. Dayanan, BSAB

These outstanding individuals, along with their groupmates from various universities abroad, have showcased exemplary dedication and innovative thinking in their respective fields, contributing significantly to the advancement of ASEAN Youth Initiatives.
Your hard work and commitment have truly made us proud, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success and contributions to the global community. Keep shining bright and inspiring others with your passion and talent!