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In the recent month of April, May and June 2020, electrical power interruptions 

was frequent for more than twice a week or thrice. The interruptions resulted to shut-down of routers that are in operation for network connectivity in DSSC Campus. The devices were not able to recover its operational status to due electrical shock and power loss. The equipment are vital components to ease operation of the Network Connectivity in the College campus. The ICTC- Information Communication Technology Center is suffering from slow network because of limited hardware resources, very low data-storage and connection interruptions.


In connection with this, the ICTC would like to inform you and your good office that two (2) TP-Link routers and one (1) POE are damaged and not operational. We will be glad and happy if this be reported immediately and action be taken in time at your end. If possible, we would like to request a report for the re-purchase of equipment as replacement.


Following are the Technical Descriptions of the Equipment: