Components of the DSSC Seal




  1. The 10 MAROON TRIANGLE SHAPES represent the municipalities of Davao del Sur - Matanao, Bansalan, Magsaysay, Padada, Malalag, Kiblawan, Hagonoy, Sta Cruz, Sulop and the component city of Digos.


  1. MT. APO, the highest mountain in the country. Davao del Sur sits at the foot of the highest mountain in the Philippines. It is the source of the province's rich alluvial soil - the reason for Davao del Sur's abundant harvest. Mt. Apo is also the home to the indigenous peoples of the Davao region who greatly contribute to its rich culture and heritage. Below the mountain is an abstract representation of agricultural land.


  1. The "HAGDANG PALAYAN" represents the school's contribution to agriculture. Davao del Sur State College continues and will continue to produce quality graduates in the field of agriculture who will serve the province, our country, and even beyond the Southeast Asian Region. The stairs also represent the school's quest for constant improvement toward academic excellence. Aside from agriculture, the school also produces top-notch students in other fields like Education, Governance, Communication, Engineering, and Information Technology.


  1. The LIGHT BULB represents academic innovation in enhancing knowledge and skills. Davao del Sur State College always strives for excellence in training and teaching the future professionals and technocrats of this province. It aims to provide learning of the highest standard.


  1. The TEN (10) LIGHT RAYS of the bulb represent the 10 ASEAN Countries. Davao del Sur State College always strives to provide competitive professionals needed in the development of our region—the ASEAN region. It aims to be at par with other top educational institutions not only in our country but in the entire world.


  1. The FOUR (4) GEARS represent Davao del Sur State College's dedication towards science and technology. Davao del Sur State College always strives to produce graduates proficient in today's technologies. These 4 gears also represent the four-fold functions namely- instruction, research, extension, and production.


  1. The CIRCLE SHAPE of the logo represents the unity among the people of Davao del Sur towards achieving sustainable progress for all.


  1. The STARS represent the role of Davao del Sur State College as a guiding light to the people of Davao del Sur in achieving their dreams through quality education.