I Office of the College President    
  Planning, Project Development, Monitoring & Evaluation Office FM-DSSC-PIM-001 Activity Design (AD)
    FM-DSSC-PIM-002 Activity Completion Report (ACR)
  ICT Center FM-DSSC-ICT-001 Device Registration
    FM-DSSC-ICT-002 Request for Unlocking ESMS
    FM-DSSC-ICT-003 Software Back-up Schedule
II Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs    
  Curriculum Revisions and Development FM-DSSC-CRD-001 Approval Sheet of Curriculum Committees
    FM-DSSC-CRD-002 College Academic Council Resolution
  A. Deans    
  Preparation of Thesis FM-DSSC-POT-001 Nomination of Guidance/Advisory Committee
    FM-DSSC-POT-002 Application for Oral Exam
    FM-DSSC-POT-003 Thesis Outline Defense Scoresheet
    FM-DSSC-POT-004 Manuscript Processing
  B. Department Chair/Program Head    
  Conduct of Academic Programs FM-DSSC-CAP-001 Faculty Loading
    FM-DSSC-CAP-002 Individual Faculty Loading
    FM-DSSC-CAP-003 Class Monitoring
    FM-DSSC-CAP-004 Table of Specification
    FM-DSSC-CAP-005 Faculty Evaluation Form
  Conduct of Comprehensive Examination FM-DSSC-CCE-001 Application for Comprehensive Examination
  Preparation or Revision of Syllabus FM-DSSC-PRS-001 Course Syllabus
  C. Graduate School Office    
  Faculty Evaluation by Students for Graduate Level FM-DSSC-FESG-001 Faculty Performance Evaluation Rating
  Preparation of Thesis for Graduate Level FM-DSSC-POTG-001 Application for Concept Paper Presentation
    FM-DSSC-POTG-002 Nomination of Guidance/Advisory Committee
    FM-DSSC-POTG-003 Application for Oral Examination
    FM-DSSC-POTG-004 Thesis Defense Score Sheet
    FM-DSSC-POTG-005 Manuscript Processing
  D. Director for Instruction FM-DSSC-FES-001 Faculty Evaluation by Students
    FM-DSSC-IMD-001 Approval Sheet Institute Level
    FM-DSSC-IMD-002 Application for Intellectual Property
  E. Director for Research Development & Innovation FM-DSSC-PIP-001 Application for Intellectual Property
    FM-DSSC-PIP-002 Acceptance Form
    FM-DSSC-PIP-003 Certificate of Similarity Report
    FM-DSSC-PIP-004 Certificate of IP and Recognition
    FM-DSSC-PRP-001 Application Research Paper  for Publication
    FM-DSSC-PRP-002 Acceptance Summary
    FM-DSSC-PRP-003 Certificate of Similarity Report
    FM-DSSC-PRP-004 Certificate of Publication and Recognition
    FM-DSSC-REP-001 Project Proposal
    FM-DSSC-REP-002 Work and Financial Plan
    FM-DSSC-REP-003 Project Line-Item Budget
  F. Director for Student Affairs & Services    
  Accreditation of Student Organization FM-DSSC-ASO-001 Application for Accreditation of Organization
    FM-DSSC-ASO-002 Affidavit of Consent
    FM-DSSC-ASO-003 Financial Statement
  Culture and the Arts Office FM-DSSC-CAO-001 Audition Registration Form
    FM-DSSC-CAO-002 Eligibility Form
    FM-DSSC-CAO-003 Final List Form
    FM-DSSC-CAO-004 Evaluation Form
  Conduct of Entrance Examination FM-DSSC-CEE-001 Admission Examination Result Form (Undergraduate)
    FM-DSSC-CEE-002 Admission Examination Result Form (Graduate School)
  Graduating Class Retreat FM-DSSC-GCR-001 Waiver Form and Parent(s) /Guardian Consent Clearance
  Guidance Learning Session FM-DSSC-GLS-001 Learning Session Evaluation Form
  Individual Group Counseling FM-DSSC-IGC-001 Referral Slip
    FM-DSSC-IGC-002 Informed Consent Form
    FM-DSSC-IGC-003 Counseling Notation Sheet
    FM-DSSC-IGC-004 Counseling Evaluation Form
  Rewards and Recognition of Students FM-DSSC-RRS-001 Nomination Form
    FM-DSSC-RRS-002 Non-Academic Award Matrix (Individual Category - Non-Graduating)
    FM-DSSC-RRS-003 Non-Academic Award Matrix (Group Category - Non-Graduating)
    FM-DSSC-RRS-004 Achievement in Leadership Matrix for Graduating
  Student Disciplinary and Grievance FM-DSSC-SDG-001 Student Behavior Incident Report
  Sports Development Office FM-DSSC-SDO-001 Try Out Form
    FM-DSSC-SDO-002 Eligibility Form
    FM-DSSC-SDO-003 Skills Assessment Form
    FM-DSSC-SDO-004 Final List
  Student Services Evaluation FM-DSSC-SSE-001 Survey questionnaire
  G. Director for Admission & Scholarship    
  Admission and Enrolment of Students FM-DSSC-AES-001 Enrolment Routing Slip-Undergraduate New/Transfer
    FM-DSSC-AES-002 Student Information Sheet-Undergraduate
    FM-DSSC-AES-003 Enrollment Routing Slip-Undergraduate Continuing
    FM-DSSC-AES-004 Enrollment Routing Slip-Graduate
    FM-DSSC-AES-005 Online Enrollment Routing Form
    FM-DSSC-AES-006 Student Information Sheet-Graduate
  Approval of Candidates for Graduation FM-DSSC-ACG-001 Application for Graduation
    FM-DSSC-RFC-001 Request Slip
  College Librarian FM-DSSC-LIB-001 Library Card
    FM-DSSC-LIB-002 Library Card Registration/ Release Form
    FM-DSSC-LIB-003 Book Card
    FM-DSSC-LIB-004 Borrower’s Card Form
    FM-DSSC-LIB-005 Check out utilization statistics form
    FM-DSSC-LIB-006 In-house utilization statistics form
    FM-DSSC-LIB-007 Date Due Slip
    FM-DSSC-LIB-008 Book Requisition Slip
    FM-DSSC-LIB-009 Learning Resource Center Card Application Form
III Office of the Chief Administrative Officer   Locator Slip
      Trip Ticket
      Gate Pass
      Daily Time Record - Format
      PR for Gasoline
      Travel Order
IV Office of the College Registrar   Application for Graduation Form
      Subject Request Form
      Adding and Dropping Form
      Application for Substitution of Subjects
      Application for Validation of Subjects
      Waiver Form
V Human Resource Management Office   Training Proposal Form
      Activity Completion Report
      Activity Design Form
      DSSC SMPOR-Format
VI Record Management Office   College Official Letter Head-Landscape/A4-Size
      College Official Letter Head-Portrait / A4 - Size
      College Official Letter Head-Portrait /Long-Size
      College Official Letter Head-Landscape/Long-Size
VII Office of the College Admission   Admission for Freshmen - Offline Only
VIII Accounting Office   DV - Disbursement Form
IX Budget Office    
 X Procurement Services Unit Office   Annual Procurement Plan NON-CSE
      Annual Procurement Plan CSE
      Procurement Monitoring Report
XI Scholarship Office   Application for Scholarship Form
XII Student Services Office   Sports Varsity Application Form
      College Cultural Application Form
      Nomination PDS Form
      Nomination for Awards/Merit Form
      Academic Excellence Nomination Form
XIII Alumni Office   Alumni Form
XIV Employee Association Office   Employee Membership Form
      Employee Nomination Form
XV Planning Office   Activity Design 
      WFP - Work Financial Plan
XVI GAD Office   GAD Form
XVII Quality Assurance Office   QA Form 1
      QA Form 2
XVIII Information Communication Technology Centre   System Development Request Form
      Repair Maintenance Form
      PMS Preventive Maintenance System Form
      ISSP Form
XIX Property and Supply Office   RIS - Request and Issue Slip
      Item Return Slip
      Report of Lost/Stolen/Damaged or Destroyed